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New Fluff Substrate

Fluff® is manufactured from 100% recycled material that produces a consistent and weed free substrate. During the past two years, several nurseries in the southeast have used Fluff for a potting and growing substrate as well as heeling-in and land application. Here is what some nurseries have said about Fluff:

• “Better than bark, more weight and holds water better.”
• “Good substitute for Peat, cheaper.”
• “Seals better than other material in heeling-in”
• “Works a lot better than straw in heeling.”
• “Could save money by just using it as a filler.”
• “Fluff is cheaper than other materials, buying as a mix still cuts cost.”
• “Substantial growth in trees when the substrate has been used, in compared to other trees.”
• “Sold all plants, all did well.”
• “All plants rooted to edge of container.”

Substrate Yard at Composite Products of America

Off-loading Fluff,
100% recycled material

Mixing with pine bark mulch
to aid water drainage

New substrate
ready for application

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