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Extruded Products

Composite Products of America is now producing safe, sturdy, and attractive consumer products from Fluff®. Fluff is manufactured from 100% recycled material.

The building and construction materials shown below are all made from extruded "Fluff." Fluff is a stable and pathogen free product that has been processed through our patented recycling process.

Fluff can be extruded to make various profiles of materials. 8" x 8" tongue and groove boards are being produced at Composite Products. The tongue and groove is slightly offset for use as building material or as a retaining wall.

The possibilities for uses of the new products are as nearly limitless as the supply of material used to make them.

New products produced by Composite Products of America

Fluff shown in foreground
is made into products in back

8" x 8" tongue & groove
profile shown here

New materials have many
functions and capabilities

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